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ISBN : 978-1-4809-2738-4

Publisher : Dorrance Publishing Co

Language : English

Pages : 417

Country : USA

The Aging Mind

Description :

Cynthia Client was a 93 year old wealthy woman who worked her way up from an uneducated child whose mother didn’t believe in educating girls to the one supporting her entire family. With her determination and hard work, she home schools herself and secures a job at one of the largest companies in Hartford CT. She saves and invests her hard earned money anxiously waiting to enjoy her retirement at her did ege. Shortly after she retired. she is diagnosed with dementia.

Annelle Bright, Cynthia’s patient care assistant {PEA} becomes her closest confidant and she tells Annette her life stories. Together, the two women team from each others ups and down real life experiences.

The aging mind sheds light on the life we all live here on earth and how it can be interrupted by different circumstances such as diseases. It details some of the relationship between elderly dementia/Alzheimer’s patients. their families and care givers.

I hope you read this book in quietness with an open mind and allow yourself to become each character in the book and consider how you would tackle some of the issues they encounter. My greatest wish is that readers will spread the word to protect our senior citizens all around the world.


1 Cynthia
2 Annelle Bright
3 Alexander Hunter
4 No Room For Wealth And Right
5 My Dearest Friend
6 Fun At The Assisted Living Facility
7 Joseph Client, The Head Of The Family
8 Jonathan Bay
9 First Love
10 A Friend From Hell
11 Mending A Broken Heart
12 Independence
13 Donald Rainbow
14 Here Comes The Bride
15 The Mountain Collapsed
16 No More Roses
17 Gertrude
18 The Diagnoses
19 Losing Independence After Dementia
20 Friends Of Friends
21 Elderly Abuse
22 When Dementia Makes An Ordinary Day Confusing
23 Mother’s Day Celebration At Divine
24 The Beautiful Sunday

25 A Fun Day Goes Sour
26 Dementia And Delirium
27 Dementia And Selective Forgetfulness
28 Happy Birthday
29 The Cost Of Hiring Help For Dementia /Alzheimer’s Patient
30 Dementia And Mood Swings
31 Dementia And Hallucination
32 No Man Without Flaws
33 The Twist And Turns Of Dementia
34 Picnic At Divine
35 Dementia And Self Awareness
36 Living In A Shrinking Word
37 No Home To Love
38 A Promise Broken
39 When Family Had To Make Hard Choices
40 The Power Of Positive Family Visit
41 Old Pals
42 Someone To Talk To
43 Rationalizing Through Imperfect Conversation
44 Doleful Moments
45 Losing The Battle
46 A Journey Home
47 The Fire Goes Out